Confusing a Kangaroo with a Window (WoW #47)

Conversation flows Flitting effortlessly from Topic to topic like we are bees And they the flowers In an endless field We've always been this way Sailing off together Down some tangential path Or another, surprised As much by the things that remain unsaid It never ends I could listen to you talk for hours The … Continue reading Confusing a Kangaroo with a Window (WoW #47)

Stitches (Wow #46)

Reclaim who you were Pull the thread though From the past To the other side Stab with your piercing needle Til you gather it all together The fabric of this existence It folds and bunches Refuses to be laid flat It's alive This part of yourself That remembers Where you came from - 08/03/2018 (Lol. … Continue reading Stitches (Wow #46)