Welcome to Whoever I Am.


I am actually pretty dismal at talking about myself. It’s a weakness that was brought to the forefront of my mind during my recent job hunt and one I clearly intend to work on by starting this blog. 

So to keep this daunting task simple, I’m going to stick to my five W’s. Nah, just to be different, let’s mix it up with four W’s and an H.

Trying to figure out how to selfie laying down without dropping my phone on my face.


Well, you know my name. The blog and I share it now. Deep within me, the urge to create wells up like magma from the center of the earth. I make stories, cards, paper-crafts of all kinds. Up til now, I’ve made these things mostly to beguile and impress my beloved friends and family. I’ve shared my works on Facebook, but this is my first serious foray into the inter-world. Who knows what it may become?

A day in my old life of building box forts then unpacking them.


I used to work retail; climbing the ladder from part-time clothes schlepper to full-time box unpacker and shipper receiver extraordinaire over a course of nine years. That all ended in May. Badly. It probably should have ended sooner, but all things happen in their time. I build elevators now. Well, I help anyway. I work in the heavy/light box area prepping all of the individual pieces that will one day become a vehicle to lift people up into the sky! It’s as epic as it sounds, I assure you.

In my current incarnation, I assemble elevator pieces and pile them into these gigantic boxes.

I’d like to pay the bills with my creative talents, but so far, that goal has remained elusive. Apparently, you have to finish a novel before it can make you money! (I have two nearly finished with multiple short story siblings waiting patiently for their turn to venture forth into the universe). I made jewelry for awhile, but my tastes are so far from the mainstream that my few forays into craft fair realms have been learning experiences at best. I made ten bucks at the last one. You could easily spend more than that attending a craft show just being tempted by all the other pretty things on display. So, as it is with most other areas in my life, a work in progress.

A mountain top sunset in Harrison with a patriotic bent.


Proudly Canadian over here! Glad to be from the perfect place for a mountain-obsessed gal like me: beautiful British Columbia. I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland my whole life and have done most of my travelling in province; there are endless gorgeous sights to see just a short drive away. If you stick around, you will likely see photographic evidence of my adventures into the forest as nature is pretty much my favorite thing to take pictures of, after my niece and nephew. I’ve got family in Saskatchewan that I have visited, making that the farthest from home I’ve been. Flying over the Rockies was a treat. Mountains, mountains and more mountains please.

Early-eighties shot of the family. Some people say I look a little bit like my mother… or lot like.


Born in 1982, I am one of those recently labeled Xennials. (yay, I’m a flower! what’s that all about anyways? geez!) I’m youngest child of two; raised by a single parent, my mother whom I adore to the ends of the earth. All of my favorite bands are from the Nineties. 

One of the many photographic gems in the liner notes for the 1992 album “Welcome to Wherever You Are”, my favorite INXS release of all time.

Did you catch that INXS reference in my post title? Yup, music dorks unite! You can call them an Eighties band. I don’t mind. But, if you wanna talk smack about Michael Hutchence you better bring your fighting shoes and a bag to carry your teeth home in! Just sayin’. 

I knew I had drawn a version of this picture, but it wasn’t until finding it after a three hour search that I realized I drew this the day after he passed.

Yes, I’m passionate about the bands I like. More on that in future posts, I’m sure. Better get back to…

How? Because if I could answer the question of why we’re here, I’d be rich and reclining on a beach with a frozen bevvie in a coconut.


This question could go many ways. How am I on this planet? Well, like most of the six-plus billion of us, at one point in time my parents liked each other enough to think breeding sounded like a good idea. There may have been alcohol involved! I jest; Mum worked pretty hard to get and keep me here. Thanks Mum! 

How did I get to be the zany, imaginative, sweary, oddball creatrix that I am? That should become clear to you in time too. A vast amount of the things that make me me, is due to the deep connections made with the beloved souls who have drifted, tiptoed or exploded into my life: my chosen second family. My friends.

Chances are if you have taken the time to read this blog, you may be one them. If so, I thank you from the bottom of my word filled heart — yes, the words, they’re everywhere! Thanks for stopping by for some. 

I made several edits of this shot, but the original is the most me. You may recognize this expression from my mother’s face in the above family photo. #nofilter #mymothersdaughter #cantnottiltmyheadinphotos

Stay tuned. More to come!

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