Picture Show Sunday #2: At the Beach (Just Sit).

Hello again new friends and old! Welcome to our second picture show, hope you enjoyed the first one. This time I’d like to take you to the perfect place to get to know the newest members of your tribe: the beach! This was a rite of passage for any new friend of mine in high school. How long can you sit on the beach and just sit? I can’t even count the hours spent just staring at the waves and communing with the birds. We always have at least one avian visitor and usually see multiple herons. We thought we had missed our long-legged friend, but Angela spotted him flapping furiously to catch up with our shuttle bus on the way up the hill.

Pictures were all taken yesterday at White Rock Beach.

Thanks for coming to the beach with us. See you again real soon!


4 thoughts on “Picture Show Sunday #2: At the Beach (Just Sit).

  1. Hi Jessica,
    1. You said this was the second picture show. Are you new to blogging? If yes, I help new bloggers at my site. I host six blogging events monthly where you could meet new readers.
    2. I met you in the Community Pool where you asked about the “rules” for knowing if you’ve plagiarized an image. I’ve published a post on that topic and brought you the link:

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    1. Hi Janice, thanks for the link. I gave it a read, but found it pretty hard to do so. The screen was constantly jumping around and there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of ads. Could have been just my phone. My question was more to do with personal practice not dictionary definitions. I’m trying to understand why it seems to be such a image free-for-all on WordPress.

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