When You Tell Your Self (Doubt) to Get Lost.

The first stumble is inevitable. After a strong blogging start, my old friend Self Doubt remembers that I exist and reaches out with its clutching, smothering fingers. 

Long time, no see! Why are your hands around my neck? 

It’s always just a matter of time before the old chatter starts up: why bother with words when you pick all the wrong ones? Why give so much of your time and energy with little or no visible return? Why be so brutally honest when removing the layers leaves you with less armor to protect yourself? Why keep reaching out when the faces around you seem blank, uninterested, turned inwards on their own plight? Why bother trying to create when everything’s been said, done, drawn and written before?

Well, I’ll tell you why. Since you asked, dear old friend. It’s because I know you lie. 

Obfuscate. Dramatize. Overestimate your own importance. You see, Self Doubt, I know you don’t have my best interests at heart. Your meddling is presented as being for my benefit, but we both know it isn’t so. The victories you claim only ravage the landscape of my imagination, rather than build anything of importance. 

And, while I’ve got you on the line, I want you to know, your time has come. There’s no room for you here anymore. The space once held for you has been repurposed. Once a storage closet, now a portal into the intriguing, blessed unknown. You stand in what has now become a doorway and I need you to stop blocking my path. 

Lyric poster made today by me. Band: Failure. Song: Otherwhere. This has become my mantra since leaving my old job.


All of the things I’ve let you take away from me over the years, a clever pickpocket in a crowd of the rich, I now reclaim. This is my space. You are not wanted.

So, Self Doubt, the next time you stroll in with your self-aggrandizing ways, remember that I’ve heard it all before and I’ve chosen to discard your narrow world view.


19 thoughts on “When You Tell Your Self (Doubt) to Get Lost.

    1. Highly recommend the song if you haven’t heard it. I only discovered the band recently. At exactly the time I needed it, of course. Thanks for the comment. Glad to share any wisdom I’ve happened to stumble upon.


    1. Right!! I’ve been having the same experience. There’s a whole lot of synchronicity going on here on WordPress! I guess I’m hoping if I give my inner voice an outlet, it will be less of a pest! Thanks for taking the time to read (let me know what you think of the song if you find time to listen).


    1. Thank you. It came out in one short five minute burst before work yesterday and required no editing which is usually a good sign. I’m glad you found it relatable as that was definitely an aim of mine. Thank you for taking the time to check it out!


  1. I just found ur blog today. What a nice post. I just did a post on self doubt myself and i found a jenamaen’s blog post abt it too – its amazing how in different parts of the world people are often thinking the same thing. Like ur posts. Glad i found ur blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The synchronicity here on WP is mind blowing. I love that so many people are on similar wave lengths. It’s so easy to feel isolated nowadays. I have just read and commented on your post. (haha, and technology has just announced that you liked it as I type this!) I am floored by your writing style and will be happily devouring more of your words! Thanks for finding me! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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