Unique Blogger Award: On Peer Recognition, Eloquent Introverts and Zombies.

It seems many thank you’s are in order. You know, more than usual anyhow. Seems I say it a lot these days. Must have a lot to be thankful for! 

That’s putting things lightly! I’ve been truly humbled by the warm, welcoming outreach by the WordPress community. I was led to believe (by observation of some of the mainstream blogs I’ve followed) that bloggers can be a snarky, derisive, competitive bunch, but that has not been my personal experience thus far. Instead, I’ve been greeted by a sea of passionate, creative people all looking to better their universes and those of others by putting out a wave of words. 

As for the peer recognition side of things, it’s definitely nice. Though my blog is still in its infancy, I’ve had four bloggers reach out with blogging nominations and this blows me away. For an eloquent introvert like myself, it has left me scrambling to find the exact right words with which to express my gratitude. I replied with immediate personal thank-yous, of course; I just wasn’t sure if I could reciprocate in kind.

Well, this is my attempt to do just that. However tempting it is to wax lyrical about it all, there are questions to be answered and my replies tend to be long-winded. This is one word mountain that could quickly turn into an avalanche!

Watch for falling words!

First off, thank you to the following bloggers for their kind words and nominations:

Blog Holly Blog of Blogger in a Blog World

Kenyanito Wendo of Letters Unsent


Writing on a Rock

And now for the questions! 

Holly asks:

1.) What are the goals you have set for your blog and how do you hope to achieve those goals?

2.) What inspires you to write, especially when you have writer’s block?

3.) Give a random fact about yourself! 

My replies:

1.) For me, it’s all about being (getting) more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve had to step outside my comfort zone recently to find a new healthier path. I started my blog to share the journey and some of my fiction from days gone by. As far as goals go, I didn’t have any at first. I just wanted to get myself out there and continue to grow as a writer/human. I would say the goals that have manifested since inception include keeping to my posting schedule of Wednesday/Sunday with a few bonus days thrown in and writing on a daily basis. I’m experiencing great success in both efforts. The “hows” of it all can be expressed in three words: Just Keep Writing.

2.) Here I must answer with one of my many contradictions. Everything and Nothing! What inspires me daily? Literally every single little thing that happens. No matter how innocuous or inane; my imagination gobbles it up and spits it back out in an endless torrent of prose. Those babbling voices in the back of my head are nearly always spinning tales; I just have to be spry enough to catch them all. 

What inspires me through writers block? The sad answer: zip, zilch, zero, absolutely nada. I’ve learned the hard way that it cannot be forced. Don’t get me wrong, I want to. So. Bad. Sometimes I’ll sit in front of an open word document, typing and deleting sentences until I want to toss my tiny laptop (or phone; yes, I do most of my writing there these days!) across the room. If I can’t write, I just make myself more miserable trying to. I’ve just come out of a long writer’s block; so, believe me, I’ve tried everything! The only thing that has worked for me: focusing elsewhere. Usually on the source of the emotional disturbance that has created the blockage (example: making a career change in order to remove myself from the poisonous atmosphere that was clouding all my thoughts) but, also on other creative hobbies like crafting, drawing and photography. There are so many ways to tell a story! 

3.) Random fact time! Oh boy, this could go oh-so-many ways. Which one should I pick? Heh heh, let’s pick this, since my life has been full of nostalgia and poetry lately: 

In high school, Amanda and I wrote a poem that took first place in our school’s competition called “There’s Always Room for Us in Jello”. Yup, it’s as weird as the name implies! I’ll find and share it sometime. (I also took home third place that year with a poem I originally titled “Surrey is a Pisshole”. I do not recall the gentrified name I bestowed upon it for it to pass as normal. Lol!)  

Kenyanito did not pose any questions. I could answer those asked to him or pester him for more questions, but I think you’ll agree there’s plenty of those in this post as is. So, I’ll just extend another thank you and urge you to check out his site for creative, inspiring fiction.

Wreaditor’s Lovely Blog Award comes with the stipulation of sharing “7 Facts about Yourself”, so in purposefully particular order, here they are:

1.) I believe there are more things in this universe than we can see with our eyes. 

2.) Firm believer in reincarnation and soul packs. I’ve seen enough evidence with my own eyes to silence the scientist inside of me.

3.) At age sixteen, I declared solemnly that I was going to become a Volcanologist, move to Hawaii and live on the beach with my best friend Angela.

4.) Also at the above age, I was still afraid to operate, or stick my hand into, the oven in my kitchen. How I ever imagined climbing inside volcanoes?? My mother still laughs at this one.

5.) Speaking of my Mum getting the last laugh, I also placed a monetary bet with her and my brother that #3 would become a reality. Or at least, I proclaimed with unwavering belief that Angela and I would be still be living together in ten years.

6.) Angela and I have never lived together. But, we did spend a year camped out in one another’s bedrooms (mostly writing, sometimes surfing the still-virgin internet, sometimes just listening to her dial-up modem engage in its series of fruitless screeches) as we alternated between weekends in Surrey and Abbotsford after her family moved at the end of Grade Nine.

7.) Mum was nice enough to kindly forget the bet (proof of which is scribbled in the margins of one of our writing binders) and my brother did forget. Unless he reads this. Heh heh. 

Last and most recently, we have one of my newest blogging friends over at Writing on a Rock, who writes fiction from a small island and has sent me a bunch of enthusiastic supportive comments along with a unique blogger award containing the following questions:

1.) If you could be any character in any book, who would it be, and why?

2.) Share with us your favourite all-time quote.

3.) Of all people, living or dead, who would you most like to interview?

To these compelling queries, I respond:

1.) This is a tough one, there’s so many. I guess I will have to narrow it down to my favorite Stephen King heroine Rosie from Rose Madder. The idea of stepping inside a painting really appeals to me. Blurring the lines between real and unreal has always been a fictional aspiration of mine. And, I’ve always loved how she has to save herself instead of being rescued (a theme that also appears in my stories).

2.) All time favorite quote must be this gem from Carina Round’s hauntingly beautiful song The Last Time:

“Writers that don’t write end up talking to themselves.”

It’s a stunning truth conveyed with brilliant simplicity. Don’t know Carina Round From a hole in the wall? (Round? Hole? Oh, I know I’m not as clever as I think I am, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it!) Well, I’ve got a post coming up soon to change that. Don’t you worry. Just write!

3.) At much as I want to reply: Maynard James Keenan to this question (Carina’s partner in musical crime and lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer), those who know me and my Maynard obsession also know I would be likely to swallow my own tongue or faint from pure nerves before I could say a word to that creative genius. And since there is pretty much no fan that he hates more than one that’s fawning all over him and tripping over themselves, I think I’d avoid that scene at all costs. 

So, we’ll give that one to the dead. The rock god that is no more: Michael Hutchence. I’d interview him just to hear that softly lilting voice and deep chuckle. And for the view! You know, as long as he didn’t come back as a zombie. I need my precious brain for other things! 

Like nominating others!


But, holy moly guys! That above was indeed many more words than intended. I don’t know if avalanche even covers it! More like a volcanic explosion! 

I will chime in with my nominations and questions soon. Now, I must rest my precious, precious brain!

22 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award: On Peer Recognition, Eloquent Introverts and Zombies.

      1. Totally, yes! The most exciting thing I’ve written in the last five years was a story that shot out of my fingers so fast and came into my brain fully formed (almost never happens!). It’s somewhere in the middle I think, if we waited only for inspiration (ie. for those fickle flakes the Muses to show up), we’d never write!

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  1. Congrats Jessica!..wishing you many more awards. Enjoyed reading your post. Yes Awards post are little time consuming but great opportunity to express yourself & connect with other people. Great going

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