Words of Wednesday #17: Endless Renewal.

If you are an Island 

Am I the seafloor?

Connected to you in strange, unexplainable ways

Rolling off into the deep

At a moments notice

Witness to the endless renewal

Of Earth’s crust

Pushing new possibilities and plans

Up into the frozen daylight

Without a second thought

If you are an Island

Am I the rain clouds?

Gathering around you and pressing in

Bringing with me the kind of downpour

That could wash all but the most solid foundation away

Startling you awake in the night

With the sound of impending doom

Hiding my voice behind thunder and wind

Whipping the ocean’s waves into a frenzy

Ravaging your coastline, remaking the world

If you are an Island

Where does that leave us?

Adrift or tethered

Bridges between crumbling

Burdened by weight they cannot see or understand

I know I can still reach you

If I build another boat

Focus across the distance 

At your shimmering banks

And keep paddling


6 thoughts on “Words of Wednesday #17: Endless Renewal.

  1. Hey

    How are u, its wierd but havent been seeing any of your posts lately so i came to check i guess ur posting but somehow they prolly slip through the crevices of my reader. Anyways good to see ur writing and hopefully ill catch up on the latest for now ill just read ur blog for stuff ive missed. 🙂

    Happy holidays though

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the delightful shout out, Leo. WP is being a bum and won’t let me comment on your post, when I’m near WiFi I’ll try again, but I love your quick-witted self-effacing humor. Your posts are a joy to read! Have a wonderful day!


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